Atmiya University


Faculty of Transformative Education


The Faculty of Transformative Education (FoTE) of Atmiya University was established in year 2022. The transformative learning is deeply linked to the motto of Atmiya University (well-wisher of all living beings’). We believe that the purpose of education is to completely change the learners towards the greater good of the humanity. The concept of transformative education, as highlighted by UNESCO, emphasizes on the need of shaping responsible and active global citizenship for building inclusive, peaceful and sustainable societies. We understand that transformative education is a continuous life-long process and, therefore, the role of higher education becomes particularly important not only in mainstreaming it to the teaching and research but also to act as a driver for continuous learning journey post formal education.


The FoTE aims at


Driving the desired changes in the teaching-learning at all levels with focus on Sustainable Development;


Being a catalyst for evidence-based educational innovations needed for realizing the mission Viksit Bharat@2047


Developing and offering new frameworks, approaches, tools and techniques for education that will drive growth with peace and prosperity globally; and


Providing a platform for knowledge exchange and dissemination with focus on contextualized transformative education eco-system.


In order to accomplish the purpose, we consider the five main pillars of Transformative education at Atmiya University:

1. Collaborative approach to learning and problem-solving
2. Developing scientific rigor that will help in evidence based decision-making and action;
3. Transdisciplinary approach in education which will enhance the relevance and impact;
4. Humanistic orientation of individual learners connecting them to communities, societies and humanity at large;
5. Ensuring the continuity of learning journey through analysis, experimentation, improvement as a process rather end-result


FoTE, Atmya University has been started with the following three Schools
We are also in the process of developing a School on Humanism in near future.

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1.School of Consciousness Development and Value Education


The School of Consciousness Development and Value Education aims to drive consciousness-centric approach in the teaching and research in the different knowledge areas



We work collaboratively with transdisciplinary approach to research for creating and disseminating knowledge that will drive positive changes in the society. We will be engaging in training, research and capacity building with focus on integration of consciousness as a driver toresponsible knowledge application in different areas.


2.School of Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS)


The School of Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) will be engaged in shaping the education based on the practices drawn from the time tested Indian knowledge traditions.



We work towards developing the educational tools, techniques and approaches based on integration of different time-tested Indian knowledge traditions. Our focus is on integrating, testing and shaping the new educational methodologies, by combining best of IKS and modern knowledge systems with the aim to foster the balanced impact of knowledge on individuals, societies and humanity at large.


3.School of Sustainable Development


The School of Sustainability will be a catalyst to promote integrated approach towards sustainable development through teaching, training and research cutting across economic, social and environmental aspects



We work for mainstreaming sustainability in different knowledge areas. Realizing the transdisciplinary nature of sustainability issues our team members aim to find novel approaches to integrate sustainability related issues for the specific knowledge-application context.