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  • 26th August, 2023 International Conference on EMERGING TRENDS & CONTEMPORARY PRACTICES - ICETCP-2024 The 2nd International Conference on Emerging Trends & Contemporary Practices (ICETCP-2024) aims to explore the inter-connected dimensions of technology. Sustainability and Co-existence. We aim to explore pathway to address emerging sustainability challenges arising out of fast changes in the technology coupled with social and economic dynamics across the world. We believe that the Universal Co-existence and harmony is foundation development and progress in all other spheres. Building on the Atmiya University's Core philosophy of 'Universal Harmony' We will be discussing and developing agenda for humanitarian development through responsible use of technology for the larger good
  • 26th September, 2023 G20 New Delhi Leaders Declaration (India's Presidency)
  • 30th September, 2023 National Conference on Environmental Microbiology and Regulatory Aspects About the conference The National conference on “Environmental Microbiology and Regulatory Aspects” will be held by the Department of Microbiology at Atmiya University and Shree Manibhai Virani and Navalben Virani Science College (Autonomous) Rajkot from February 23 rd – 24 th . This event provides an excellent opportunity for environmental scientists, researchers, academicians, and policy makers to discuss new developments in microbiology and their potential role in tackling present-day environmental issues. The goal of the conference is to bring together experts from both public and private sectors to share insights on emerging technological trends related to government regulations concerning microbial ecology. The conference provides a national platform for researchers to share and converse about their most recent findings with experts in their specific areas of study. The agenda will include research poster presentations and oral talks, centering on the latest advancements in environmental microbiology. Theme areas Industrial pollutants and the microbiome: the regulatory perspective Antibiotic resistance and Microbiome: The Future of Regulatory Affairs Regulatory Affairs: Microbes in Green EnergyRegulatory Affairs: Microbes in Green Energy New Regulations on Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Using MicrobesNew Regulations on Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Using Microbes Climate Change and Microbes: The New Frontier in Regulatory Affairs Geology and microbiology: the perfect match for regulatory success.   National Conference on Environmental Microbiology and Regulatory Aspects   Registration link:   Call for Papers link:
  • 30th September, 2023 Business Leadership: Creating Future Leaders We are happy to invite you to give your valuable presence in " Business Leadership: Creating Future Leaders .", organised by The Shapar - Veraval Industry Association, Rajkot Engineering Association, Laghu Udyog Bharti along with Atmiya University.   Date: 3/10/2023 Time : 4:30pm to 7 pm Venue: Atmiya University     For Registration( Free) pl. Click Below link:                                                                 
  • 4th November, 2023 GSBTM Sponsored 3-Days National Hands-On Workshop on Animal Cell Culture Techniques (ACCT-2023) GSBTM Sponsored 3-Days National Hands-On Workshop on Animal Cell Culture Techniques (ACCT-2023) Organized By Department of Biotechnology 21st – 23rd December 2023 About the Workshop Animal cell culture technology has become indispensable in the field of biotechnology in today's scenario, which provides a basis to study gene regulation, proliferation, differentiation, drug development etc. This workshop aims to provide demonstrations and hands-on training on several basic techniques used in animal cell culture which will confer a benefit to the attendees either they are beginners/students or working in the field of medicinal chemistry, cancer biology, tissue engineering, toxicology and regenerative medicine. This workshop consists of theory session followed by hands-on experiments of various key experiments of animal cell culture. The participants will also have a chance to analyse their own samples (with prior approval). Key learning objectives Maintenance and passaging of cell lines Lymphocyte separation & culturing Cell counting using Haemocytometer MTT Assay for cell cytotoxicity DNA and Protein isolation from cultured cells Cell Migration/Wound healing assay GSBTM Sponsored Hands-on Workshop on Animal Cell Culture Techniques Deadline: - 30th November 2023 Fee: - Rs.1000. 00 for student/Research Scholar Rs.1500.00 for Faculty/Industrial person Registration and payment link   After payment fill your detail in the below link   Total no of participants are restricted to 25 only.